Basic Doctrine Migrations configuration update from 2.x to 3.0

Published on 2020-07-18 • Modified on 2020-07-18

In this snippet, I will show you the changes I add to make on my configuration when I upgraded Doctrine Migrations from v2.x to v3.0. The old setup is on the top while the new setup is at the bottom. I think this is a typical setup so you may have to do the same thing. If you have a more complicated one, just below, you have the link to the Symfony documentation and a link to the blog post of jschme with more detailed explanations.

#doctrine_migrations: # V2
#    dir_name: "%kernel.project_dir%/src/Migrations"
#    namespace: App\Migrations
#    table_name: migration_versions

doctrine_migrations: # V3
        'App\Migrations': "%kernel.project_dir%/src/Migrations"
            table_name: 'migration_versions'

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