Welcome to my PHP/Symfony blog!

This is a custom blog I am writing from scratch using:

Symfony 4.1

The project was initialized with Symfony 4.0.3 the 19 janvier 2018.

» The Symfony website

PHP 7.1

This VPS server by OVH is an Ubuntu 16.04 on which I have installed PHP 7.1 with the help of the.. The 18.04.1 release is avaivalble since a few weeks and ships PHP 7.2, so I will upgrade soon.

» PHP website » OVH VPS servers

Material Kit Pro v2.1

I am not a web designer so I wanted to test this Boostrap4 CSS framework to have something clean but that I can customize the way I want.

» Material Kit Pro website » Boostrap4

Why writing my own blog?

Essentially to learn! But, what did I learned so far?

To learn... OK, but what did I really learned so far ? I learned to...

  • to use bind parameters so setup autowiring with scalar values
  • to use i18 routes
  • to create a vhost for Symfony4
  • to inject routing requirements in controller annotations
  • to deploy a Symfony4 application in production
  • to use routing prefix in controllers
  • to inject an env poarameters for the phpunit tests
  • ... and counting!