There is no account on this website. The database is rebuilt everyday and doesn't contain any personal information. Nothing is logged nor stored.

There is a Google Analytics tag so I can follow the daily website audience. If you don't want to be tracked, use Firefox and disable tracking. If you disable the audience tracking, all the website will continue to function as it used to be.

There isn't any comment system on this website. At the bottom of each blog post, there is an embedded Tweet in which you can interact and leave a comment. As it's an external Twitter resource (you need to be registered to that website) check out their rules and policies page to understand what it implies.

There is no ad on this website and there will never be. We support a better and neutral internet like it used to be a long time ago. There is nothing to buy or to subscribe. Only pure content and quality information. Sometimes, you can find links to partners or services I really like. For example, Abstract API on the "What is my IP?" page.

The only fact that you browse this website implies that you understand and agree with the rules above.