Repeatedly execute JavaScript code with setInterval

Published on 2020-05-06 • Modified on 2020-05-06

This function is the sibling of the setTimeout function we saw in the previous snippet. This time it will allow us executing some code repeatedly with a given delay thanks to a snippet or a callback. Click on the start button to display a message in the console every second. Then, click on the stop button to stop the execution of the code. I have added a random number for each to see a different output for every call of the function.

 * I am using a JavaScript module to isolate the code of each snippet.
 * In fact it's a Vue.js mixin. Take the code called by the mounted()
 * or the snippetXX() function.
export default {
  data: {
    interval: null
  methods: {
    snippet89 () {
      console.log('Starting interval...')
      this.interval = setInterval(function () {
        console.log('Hello world! 🐝 > ' + Math.random())
      }, 1000)
    stopSnippet89 () {
      console.log('Interval stopped.')
HTML demo of the snippet

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