Getting the last part of an URL with PHP

Published on 2022-03-25 • Modified on 2022-03-25

This snippet shows how to get the last part of an URL with PHP. It's a kind of a relic of the past! Indeed, this basename() function can typically return the "script" (file) that displays a page. This is no more true as websites' front controllers are generally hidden, and SEO URLs are generated. But, it's convenient because it's often helpful to get this last part like an ID, a UUID or even a slug, like in this example.



namespace App\Controller\Snippet;

 * I am using a PHP trait to isolate each snippet in a file.
 * This code should be called from a Symfony controller extending AbstractController (as of Symfony 4.2)
 * or Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\Controller (Symfony <= 4.1).
 * Services are injected in the main controller constructor.
trait Snippet195Trait
    public function snippet195(): void
        $snippetUrl = '';
        echo 'URL: '.$snippetUrl.PHP_EOL;
        echo 'basename: '.basename($snippetUrl);

        // That's it! 😁

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