[Symfony] Get the routing information of the referer

Published on 2018-10-31 • Modified on 2018-11-03

Sometimes it is useful to get the referrer routing information when you have a page that have multiple access points. Knowing the context can therefore help you to customize the user output depending on the referrer route or its parameters.

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

namespace App\Controller\Snippet;

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;
use Symfony\Component\Routing\RouterInterface;

 * I am using a PHP trait in order to isolate each snippet in a file.
 * This code should be called from a Symfony controller extending AbstractController (as of Symfony 4.2)
 * or Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\Controller (Symfony <= 4.1).
 * Services are injected in the main controller constructor.
 * @property RouterInterface $router
trait Snippet7Trait
    public function snippet7(Request $request): void
        $referer = $request->headers->get('referer'); // get the referer, it can be empty!
        if (!\is_string($referer) || !$referer) {
            echo 'Referer is invalid or empty.';


        $refererPathInfo = Request::create($referer)->getPathInfo();

        // Remove the scriptname if using a dev controller like app_dev.php (Symfony 3.x only)
        $refererPathInfo = str_replace($request->getScriptName(), '', $refererPathInfo);

        // try to match the path with the application routing
        $routeInfos = $this->router->match($refererPathInfo);

        // get the Symfony route name
        $refererRoute = $routeInfos['_route'] ?? '';

        // No route found (external URL for example)
        if (!$refererRoute) {
            echo sprintf('No route found for the "%s" referer.', $referer);


        // get the parameters, remove useless ones and add a parameter to test
        unset($routeInfos['_route'], $routeInfos['_controller']);
        $routeInfos['foo'] = 'bar';

        // Ok, now we can generate a new URL for this referer with new parameters
        try {
            $newUrl = $this->router->generate($refererRoute, $routeInfos); // new URL with foo bar
        } catch (\Exception $e) {
            $newUrl = 'Error when generating the new URL from the referer.';

        echo $referer.PHP_EOL;
        echo $newUrl;

        // That's it! 😁

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