Test a Symfony BETA minor version

Published on 2019-05-11 • Modified on 2020-10-14

Symfony 5.2 beta2 is out as of the 2020-10-14, you can test it by modifying your composer.json file. The following JSON snippet shows you the parts that you must change in your file. You also have to change the "^5.1" requirement to "^5.2" like below with the symfony/http-kernel dependency. Then run composer update.
Note that this upgrade should be avoided for a production project, but as the main purpose of this blog is to do tests with Symfony, I will take the risk! 😜 Don't forget to report issues you may find on Github. (I migrated from Symfony 5.1, it was, therefore the easiest possible migration path)

[2020-10-14] Update for Symfony 5.2 beta2.

    "minimum-stability": "beta",
    "require": {
        "symfony/http-kernel": "^5.2",
    "extra": {
        "symfony": {
            "require": "5.2.*",

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