Test a Symfony BETA minor version

Published on 2019-05-11 • Modified on 2019-05-22

Symfony 4.3 beta1 is out as of the 2019-05-10, you can test it by modifying your composer.json file. The following json snippet shows you the parts that you must modify in your own file. You can also check out the commit on the Symfony demo application. On this project, I had to fix some dependencies so the composer update and composer install commands don't throw errors. But it worked after having fixed some typehints in my main WebTestCase class. Note that this upgrade should be avoided for a production project, but as the main purpose of this blog is to do tests with Symfony, I will take the risk! 😜 Don't forget to report isssues you may find on Github. (I migrated from Sf 4.2, it was therefore the easiest possible migration path)
[2019-05-22] Updated for beta2.

    "minimum-stability": "beta",
    "extra": {
        "symfony": {
            "require": "4.3.0-beta2",

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