[Symfony] My EasyDeploy configuration

Published on 2019-12-01 • Modified on 2019-12-01

This is my deploy configuration for the EasyDeploy bundle. I finally could delete a "small" hack to modify a private property to make it work. Click on the "more on Stackoverflow" to understand why. The deployment takes one minute exactly (That includes installing all the composer dependencies) and "cerise sur le gateau", at the end, I have my Mac saying "Deployment finished!". 😁



// config/prod/deploy.php

use EasyCorp\Bundle\EasyDeployBundle\Configuration\DefaultConfiguration;
use EasyCorp\Bundle\EasyDeployBundle\Deployer\DefaultDeployer;

 * @see https://github.com/EasyCorp/easy-deploy-bundle/blob/master/doc/default-deployer.md
return new class() extends DefaultDeployer {
    public function configure(): DefaultConfiguration
        $sharedFilesAndDir = [

        return $this->getConfigBuilder()
            ->server('deploy-agent@vps.ovh.net:21') // fake server name
            ->deployDir('/var/www/strangebuzz.com') // fake path
            ->repositoryUrl('git@github.com:strangebuzz/strangebuzz.git') // fake repo
            ->repositoryBranch('master') // 🙃
            ->composerInstallFlags('--no-interaction --quiet --optimize-autoloader')
            ->controllersToRemove(['public/index.php']) // to know why I remove this, check out https://www.strangebuzz.com/en/blog/on-hiding-the-main-symfony-front-controller

     * Uncomment the redis flush only if there is a database schema change.
    public function beforeStartingDeploy(): void
        // flush Doctrine cache metadata the hard way
        // $this->runRemote('redis-cli -p 6379 flushall');

    public function beforePublishing(): void
        $this->runRemote('yarn install');
        $this->runRemote('make encore');
        $this->runRemote('make reload');
        $this->runRemote('make fix-perms');
        $this->runRemote('composer dump-env prod');
        $this->runRemote('touch /var/cache/mod_pagespeed/cache.flush');

     * Run some local or remote commands after the deployment is finished.
    public function beforeFinishingDeploy(): void
        $this->runLocal('say "Déploiment terminé."');

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