Disabling Google FLoC on an Apache powered website

Published on 2021-05-01 • Modified on 2021-05-01

In this snippet, we see how to disable Google FLoC on an Apache powered website. The server running this blog is served by Apache but and hosts about ten other websites. So, to have this parameter globally, I put this Apache directive in my main /etc/apache2/apache2.conf configuration file. Even there is no ad on this website, I think it's a duty, as a developer, to show the example and continue the fight against GAFAM, who shrink our privacy day by day. You can use the "READ THE DOC" link to test if you are floced or not. I will never be floced... you know why? Because I don't use Google Chrome any more, and I have deleted it from all my devices (Firefox is so awesome! 🐯). What about you? Do you care about your privacy? 🤔

Header always set Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()

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