Not related to symfony but I finally managed to migrate my dedicated server to a new one:

  • The server was switched from a RPS (Real Private Server) from OVH (which is no more sold) to a VPS1 (always from OVH)
  • I started with a fresh new Ubuntu 10.04 LTS distribution instead of the old 8.04 (11.04 was not available when I installed it)
  • The blog was migrated form Dotclear1 to Dotclear2 (I also had to convert the theme to the new Dotclear2 format)
  • The photo gallery was migrated from gallery2 to gallery3

Always nice to start with a new full fresh server installation, because obviously as you gained experience, you can set-up things in a better way you did it 3 years ago. But sometimes you end with setting the same things as it just work well and do the job. :)
I am really happy with the VPS, it's really fast even it's the least powerful offer of OVH of this kind ! I have 50go which is 40go more than I actually need. It's also Symfony2 ready. ;)