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Saturday 22 October 2011

symfony1 sfToolsPlugin 1-0-0 released

Hi symfonians ! :)

Today I released a new plugin; the sfToolsPlugin , it's probably the smallest one I released as it only has one class and 3 main functions. In fact it contains a class I use to copy in every project I am working on. Sometimes with different names... Bored with this, even it's more a snippet than a plugin, I made the symfony1 plugin so I can call it the same way in every project I am working on and install it as a SVN external.

As the name of this plugin is very generic, feel free to send me your contribution requests for something you feel like it could be in it. ;)


Friday 2 May 2008

PHP_Debug V2.1.3 released

This is just a small update to correct and close minor bugs that were on the Pear bug tracker. I have also finally added the sources on the php csv server. The last step will be to do the end user documentation in the DocBook format so it can be available in the official pear documentation.


Tuesday 1 January 2008

PHP_Debug 2.1.2 is out !

[En] First of all, happy new yeaaaarrrrr !!!!!!!!! ;)

Just a little update of PHP_Debug, here is the changelog:

  • Added credits to symfony for the idea of the floating div renderer
  • Added a link for a direct input W3C validation
  • Added warning for local W3C validation
  • Corrected html validation in the W3C tab (dooh!)
  • Changed main version number for the pear one
  • Switched package to stable state
  • Fixed typo in the database debug tab
  • [12078] Moved examples to doc role
  • [10919] Created a setStartTime method for the php_debugline class

Enjoy ! See you. COil :)

PS: Be carefull, the main version number is now the pear one. The pear version of this version is 1.0.0 stable whereas the SourceForge version is 2.1.2

PS: You can also check the project homepage

PHP_Debug 2.1.2

Sunday 20 May 2007

PHP_Debug is pearified !

[En] PHP_Debug is now part of the PEAR repository, it was accepted with a nice +14 vote total. (including 1 conditional). The last update was a new renderer witch was taken from symfony. (who said i was totally obsessed by sf ?) I'am quite proud of it because event it's a little library (40k), what i wanted to do here (since now more than 3 years !), it a "small perfect library", what i mean is:

Let's say it was an exercice for me, but i am happy that is can be useful to some of you. Of course you will not need it if you are already using symfony as it already has a great debugging system. ;) The lib is now near the 10k downloads, i hope i will continue. :) I still have to do the end user documentation on Pear on to upload the code on cvs (still waiting for my cvs account...) If you are willing to help, you are welcome. :)

[Fr] PHP_Debug fait maintenant partie du projet PEAR, "elle" a été acceptée avec un total de votes de +14. (dont 1 vote conditionel). La dernière mise à jour était une nouvelle classe de rendu directement inspirée de symfony. (Qui a dit que j'étais totallement obsédé par sf ???) Je suis assez fier car même si c'est une petite libraire (40k), ce que je voulais faire (maintenant depuis plus de 3 ans !), est "un petit-projet-parfait" (...) , ce que j'entends pas là:

C'etait un bon exercice pour moi, mais je suis content que cette classe soit utile à un certain nombre d'entre vous. Bien sûr vous n'en aurez pas besoin si vous utilisez symfony qui a déjà un système de debuggage intégré. ;) La librairie arrive bientôt à 10.000 téléchargements, j'espère que ça va continuer. Il faut toujours que je mette à jour la documentation utilisateur sur Pear ainsi que de mettre à jour le code sur cvs (toujours en attente de mon compte) Si vous voulez contribuer vous êtes le bienvenue... :)

Thursday 5 April 2007

New version of PHP_Debug V2.1.0 !

[EN] After quiet a long time of inactivity, here is a new release of my debug library for PHP, witch is obviously called PHP_Debug... :) The 1st version was released a long time ago in the late 2003, but every year i do an update. And this year, Symfony gave me an idea for a new renderer for my lib... In fact, i have taken the idea of the "debug floating div" to display the debug informations, well the display is almost the same than the Sf one, except for the logo... And there is still the old table renderer but is should not be used now because the div one is far more pratical to use. Want to see ?? Well, as usual, the demo on my blog. ;) (i think my hoster hate me because of my 147 sub-domains ;) )

One other goal is to propose this package to Pear, you can find my proposal here, the actual package you can download on SourceForge is already a pear package. I've just switched it status to "Proposed" and i'm waiting for feedback. There is also the offical website but i must find the time to update it and also to generate the nice phpdoc.

But what is exactly PHP_Debug ?

The basic purpose of PHP_Debug is to provide assistance in debugging PHP code, by "debug" i don't mean "step by step debug" but program trace, variables display, process time, included files, queries executed, watch variables... These informations are gathered through the script execution and therefore are displayed at the end of the script (in a nice floating div or a html table) so that it can be read and used at any moment. (especially usefull during the development phase of a project or in production with a secure key/ip)

PHP_Debug, features list:

  • General process time SQL/PHP
  • Check performance of parts of code
  • Show sql of executed queries (with highlighting and execution time)
  • Dump of all types of variable in a graphical way
  • Functionnal/trace debug (with line, file, class, function)
  • Show globals vars ($GLOBALS, $_POST, $_GET, $_COOKIE ...)
  • 2 renderers, as a HTML talbe or as a floating div
  • Allow to watch variables (+ watch on type of var)
  • Show php version & loaded extensions
  • Allow to show source code of all parsed file (with TEXT_Highlighter)
  • Static methods to debug/trace out of the debug renderer display
  • Debug infos are classified by type (14 types available)
  • Can replace the PHP error handler to show messages inside the debug renderer

Thanks to Francois (from symfony) who allowed me to take the idea of the floating div, to Stuart Colville for the js class selector code.