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Friday 25 May 2012

[Snippet] Bash script to generate Symfony2 doctrine files

Hi Symfonians ! :)

Here is a very basic bash script to help generate files for a given entity of your database, useful when you don't want to reverse engineer all the tables: (replace MyBundle and MyNamespace by your own values)

./ Product

PS: Note that the filter allow to generate more that one entity. (ex: "Product", "ProductFoo"...)

Thursday 9 February 2012

Simple bash script to update Symfony2

As you noticed there are frequent maintenance releases of Symfony2, the 2.0.10 version is already out. To avoid doings thing manually I use this simple bash script to make the update: (It works with a Symfony2 standard edition). To use it, just launch the script at the root of your project: (be careful as it will delete your vendor directory)

./update_symfony 2.0.10

The bash script:

See you. :)

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