[En] First of all, happy new yeaaaarrrrr !!!!!!!!! ;)

Just a little update of PHP_Debug, here is the changelog:

  • Added credits to symfony for the idea of the floating div renderer
  • Added a link for a direct input W3C validation
  • Added warning for local W3C validation
  • Corrected html validation in the W3C tab (dooh!)
  • Changed main version number for the pear one
  • Switched package to stable state
  • Fixed typo in the database debug tab
  • [12078] Moved examples to doc role
  • [10919] Created a setStartTime method for the php_debugline class

Enjoy ! See you. COil :)

PS: Be carefull, the main version number is now the pear one. The pear version of this version is 1.0.0 stable whereas the SourceForge version is 2.1.2

PS: You can also check the project homepage

PHP_Debug 2.1.2