[EN] Too lazy to post very often, here are some news :

  • myBlog

I have done several modifications on my blog for fun, tags for each post, my del.icio.us tags, a google ad (just to test it), some css modifications. I have also done a page dedicated to my del.icio.us bookmarks with a big tag cloud and my last 50 posted url to del.icio.us, very usefull for me.

A news witch stayed quiet discrete, the company of Symfony creators, Sensio just merged with Extreme, resulting in 2 new entity. Extreme Sensio with has a "360°" web offer and Sensiolabs dedicated to open source and of course the Symfony framework. A very good news once again for this framework. Obviously, i wish them all the best.

I know it's not a very recent news, we were waiting for it since a long time. And it's good ! Of course we could test major impact since quiet a long time with the different beta version. For exemple the new plugin system witch is really very nice to capitalize the code, i've also tested the rsync integration for code delivery and i'ts very very fast. Just define the distant server settings, the exlcude file list and that's all. (see symfony sync)

I have improved my plugin dedicated to Joomla, it can handle now forms and allow to use all Symfony ajax helpers inside the Joomla application. I should deliver a new release next week (0.8.0 beta)

  • Symfony cheatsheet : console commands

I found a nice Symfony cheatsheet for the console commands. You can find it on the blog of Andreia, there is also a schema representing the integration of the Propel ORM inside Symfony.